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Woori means "You and me" 

Woori is a community of martial artists with one goal: that of striving toward excellence in martial arts and in every aspect of our lives.

Our Mission Statement

At WoorI Taekwondo and Hapkido Academy, our primary mission is dedication to health, strength, and longevity. We, as a team, strive for the following:

To understand the wants and needs of our students and families and to address those wants and needs specifically.

To continually educate and train our staff and update our skills in communication and instruction to maintain our commitment to excellence

To educate and train our students and families so that they are empowered to protect themselves and maintain optimal health

To maintain an environment that gives each individual the opportunity to pursue and achieve a greater level of personal success, satisfaction and freedom

WTHA is a team of highly motivated and superbly trained individuals dedicated to the development of character and inner peace characterized by integrity and discipline. Our strength is generated from our commitment to our students, our staff and our community.

Our Students

We are committed to providing our students with the highest quality instruction and services to create the most enjoyable and productive learning and working environment. We are sensitive to our students' needs and dedicated to their satisfaction and growth.

Our Staff

We are committed to recruiting and developing the best individuals in our industry. We provide our staff with opportunities to grow and obtain a vested interest in the success of the company. 

We maintain an open-door policy at all levels, encouraging the exchange of ideas with productive interaction. We recognize the importance of each individual and his/her active role in the success of the entire organization. We expect that Woori will be known for its character, commitment and competence.

Our Communities

We are committed to the enhancement of the communities of which we are apart, through our leadership and active participation in community affairs.

Woori uses a "model of excellence" approach in service and in the results attained.

This is the Woori way.

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